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ztC Edge


Industrialised Edge Device (Redundant) Fault tolerant (Redundant)
Easy to setup (less than 30 mins) Easy to setup and manage
24/7/365 monitoring and self-alerting 24/7/365 monitoring and self-alerting
Integrated Hardware and software solution Integrated Hardware and software solution
Built in visualization Availability of better than 5 nines (> 99.999%)
Integrated Redundancy Continuous operation despite component failure
Self-Diagnosing/Automated Recovery Self-Diagnosing/Automated Recovery
Simple to service and manage Simple to service and manage
Ideal for remote and Non-IT locations Expandable for heavy workloads
Small footprint, fanless operation High Performance Xeon processors with hyperthreading
Rugged, hot swappable nodes Rugged, hot swappable nodes
Zero touch Computing Three models available for different scenarios
Suitable for Small/Medium companies Suitable for Medium/Large Companies
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