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NHP is proud of our regular events that give our customers opportunities to experience quality, face to face demonstrations and technical information.

While COVID-19 has changed the way we have to operate in the short-medium term, NHP is committed to ensuring that our customers continue to keep up to date with product innovations, so we have developed a series of virtual 'events' to keep you informed until we can see you again at events in the future. And let’s face it – it can be great to stay in the loop from the comfort of your workplace or home office!

We have a library of webinars featuring NHP’s in-house experts on a range of topics, ranging from product demonstrations to emerging industry issues such as how to comply with changing industry legislation.

We are continuously updating this section, so please check back regularly for new additions to our library.


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On-Demand Webinars

  • webinar
    Harnessing The Benefits of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
    (40 mins)

    NHP has just become the sole distributor of Fiix in Australia and New Zealand, so we'd like to show you how Fiix could transform your maintenance operations efficiency.

    Recently acquired by Rockwell Automation, Fiix is a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) that helps operations teams schedule, organise and track equipment maintenance, connect to business systems and make data-driven decisions. It's the ideal solution for equipment-intensive, production-oriented business with an appetite to replace pen and paper with software to run their maintenance operation.
  • webinar
    Maintenance Requirements of Contactors
    (15 mins)

    In this webinar, we will look at the factors that effect the life of a contactor, and what can be undertaken with regards to physical maintenance and preventative maintenance

  • webinar
    ThinManager - Reduce Visualisation Costs and Increase Security
    (35 mins)

    This webinar will deliver a comprehensive high level overview of Rockwell’s thin client management solution, ThinManager. In this session, Keith will discuss the core capabilities of ThinManager, and explain why ThinManager is the de facto industry standard for thin client management in automation.

    The presentation material will be enhanced by demonstrations of ThinManager’s OT-centric ease of use, and an overview of specific security features.

    This session is ideal for plant managers, and anyone in a plant engineering or system integration role.


  • webinar
    WIN-911 - The most widely used alarm notification platform used in industry and IIoT
    (47 mins)

    Presented by Rockwell Automation Channel Sales Manager, Jeremy Meegan.

    This webinar will focus on product integration and best practices for remote alarm notifications using WIN-911 with FactoryTalk® Alarms & Events. The presentation will include a product demonstration of deployment using WIN-911 Mobile, the latest and most comprehensive notification method.

  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: Improved Business Continuity with Power Quality
    (33 mins)

    Poor power quality has been a central issue in many installations and systems for years. Today's load profiles are becoming more dynamic and fast changing, leading to more demanding power requirements and rapid reactive power needs.

    • Importance of good power quality and how it is achieved in the modern industrial and commercial space
    • A look into the latest technology in power factor correction: Static VAR Generators (SVG)
    • A few key examples where this technology is already utilised to great effect
  • webinar
    Why is it difficult for Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) to be Arc Fault Contained?
    (43 Mins)


    • Understanding arc faults
    • Why is it difficult for VSDs to be arc fault contained
    • Case studies
    • Solution
  • webinar
    NHP Live Webinar: IO-Link
    (39 Mins)

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

    • Introduction to IO-Link Technology
    • Benefits & Features of IO-Link Technology
    • IO-Link master configuration
    • Add on profiles
    • Controller code
  • webinar
    NHP Webinar: NCC Compliance and the SMART eBox (Australia)
    (28 mins)

    The 2019 National Construction Code (NCC) has now been in effect for 12 months. Since then, effectively all new and upgraded Commercial and Industrial buildings must centralise their energy consumption data to fully satisfy the energy monitoring requirements (Section J) of the NCC.

    To simplify compliance for you, NHP have launched the SMART eBox – an all-in-one enclosed Energy Management System (EMS), build and commissioned by NHP. Combined with NHP’s Concept Plus Dual metering boards (CPLMD), the SMART eBox satisfies the energy monitoring requirements of Section J of the NCC by offering a standardised, off-the-shelf solution to record and store individual time-of-use energy consumption data.

    The topics covered in this webinar include:

    • The NCC explained, as well as other Energy efficiency codes and mechanisms in place in Australia
    • How the NHP SMART eBox empowers you to achieve compliance to these various schemes
    • Some key case studies where the SMART eBox has been an asset to customers for NCC/NABERS/Greenstar compliance
  • webinar
    AS/NZS 3000 Distribution Board Requirements and AS/NZS 61439

    Topics that will be covered in this webinar:

    • Updated AS/NZ S3000 distribution board requirements
    • What is AS/NZS 61439 and what are it's requirements
    • How do i know what's compliant and how stay stay in scope of the design
  • webinar
    NHP Live Webinar: Enhanced Protection of Your People and Assets – SMART Switchboard Solutions & Services Overview
    (69 Mins)
    • Importance of critical switchgear and power quality equipment servicing
    • How to understand manufacturers servicing recommendations and how this can be interpreted by insurance companies possibly impacting a claim.
    • New technologies to improve switchgear service life and improve safety for electrical contractors working on site
    • Air circuit breaker retrofitting and what does this mean for AS/NZS61439 compliance.
    • Review of recent catastrophic Australian electrical switchgear failure case studies.
    • What does a sustainable switchgear maintenance program look like for an end user.
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