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What’s new in NHP’s new 2022 Price List Catalogue?

NHP has just released a new Price List Catalogue, effective 14 March 2022. Along with up to date pricing, there are several new products or improvements to existing ranges, including some of these key changes!

Introducing TemBreak Pro Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

TemBreak Pro is a range of high performance Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) from NHP and Terasaki, designed to protect the electrical systems of today and connect to the information systems of tomorrow.

The Tembreak Pro range was developed and adapted based on customer feedback and tailored for the Australian and New Zealand markets. It covers a wide range of MCCBs from 160 AF up to 3200 AF, with breaking capacities from 25 kA to 200 kA, utilising a choice of three trip unit technologies to suit different applications - Thermal Magnetic, Basic Electronic and SMART Electronic. “

New generation Sprecher + Schuh CEP7-1 Electronic Overload Relays

The new generation Sprecher + Schuh CEP7-1 Electronic Motor Overload Relay can help industrial companies better protect their motors and avoid unplanned downtime.

It more accurately measures a motor’s current load, models its temperature and shuts the motor off when it’s in danger of damage due to overheating.

Say goodbye to nuisance tripping with Allen Bradley 440G-MZ Guardlock Switches

This Electromagnetic Guard Locking Switch is for use in existing safety applications. It allows system designers to effectively provide safety, stream-line maintenance and reduce the nuisance tripping caused by normal machine behaviour.

Introducing the most advanced safety light curtain on the market

Allen-Bradley GuardShield™ Light Curtains offer the latest technology including the first CIP Safety over Ethernet module on the market, along with integrated laser alignment, muting, blanking and cascading.

Allen Bradley 442L Safezone3 CIP Safety Laser Scanner

Using Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) safety over Ethernet/IP, the SafeZone3 laser scanner has the added advantage of integration with a GuardLogix control system using Studio 5000 Logix Designer. Along with supporting Device Level Ring (DLR) network topology, which helps increase network resiliency.

The scanner also features high definition distance measurement scanning technology, with a substantial increase in the number of pulses per scan, along with two scan cycle settings which result in improved performance in dusty environments and increased immunity to optical interference.

Migration of Stego thermostat models

Stego has maintained the proven thermostat mechanism, with a more modern design. The new models have the same physical size, mounting and temperature range as the old models, are reliable and consistent in operation. The bimetal thermostat element has a 7-degree switching temperature difference (hysteresis) and is not affected by voltage fluctuations or harmonics. Stego’s mechanism has been proven for over 30 years, can be mounted in any orientation and has the mechanism for easy switching temperature – simply set and forget.

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