AS/NZS 61439 standard update

What is AS/NZS 61439?

AS/NZS 61439 is a series of standards for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies which is driven from the International IEC version but with specific notes relating to Australian and New Zealand. The 61439 series helps address the need for portability between Australia and international suppliers. .

When do I have to comply?

The AS/NZS 61439 superseded the AS/NZS 3439 series in 2016 with a 5-year transition period that expires in May 2021. Up until May 2021, you could build to either standard. With the release of AS/NZS 3000 amendment 2 – also known as “The wiring rules” - it mandates the use of AS/NZS 61439 series for switchboard assemblies.

How can you make sure you’re compliant?

NHP’s Cubic Modular switchboard systems and Concept distribution panelboards will ensure you are compliant with the new standards.

When will it be applicable?


  • Either AS/NZS 3439 or AS/NZS 61439 may be specified for switchboard design and construction


  • AS/NZS 3439 has been superceeded
  • AS/NZS 61439 is accepted for specification
  • For upgrades to existing switchboards built to previous standards
  • Replacing like for like electrical components is allowable
  • Any modifications to the switchboard itself will require that section to be upgraded to the new standard, which may require upgrading to a whole new switchboard.

Why the standard is changing?

The current standard AS/NZS 3439 was first introduced in 1998. There have since been many changes and improvements to electrical switchgear, design, manufacture and safety processes. Due to some areas of common misunderstanding in the old standard the new standard aims to clarify legal and financial responsibilities in specification, testing, design and build between user and the assembly manufacturer.

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Device Substitution – AS/NZS 61439.1
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